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Elise Villeneuve

Eng., MBA

Waste management ∎ Marketing of clean technologies ∎ Financial evaluation ∎ Treatment of effluent and organic materials ∎ Anaerobic digestion ∎Feasibility studies ∎ Environmental analysis ∎ Development of technical business strategies ∎ Business and financial plans ∎ Evaluation of technologies ∎ Financing, sales and integration of tech companies

Elise Villeneuve has worked in the fields of environment and business strategy for over 20 years. She is a civil engineer who also holds an MBA in International Business Management from Laval University. In 2014 she completed her certification in ‘’Managing Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems’’ from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

Ms. Villeneuve began her career with a consulting engineering firm (BPR-CSO), working in wastewater management. Following this, she dedicated herself to the development of innovative technologies at research centers such as the CRIQ, working on wastewater treatment technologies, anaerobic digestion and the treatment of drinking water. As a manager, director or consultant, Ms. Villeneuve has completed many technical projects, involving multidisciplinary teams in the conception, construction and start-up of projects.

Her contributions unite the technical, strategic and operational aspects. Throughout her career, Ms. Villeneuve has contributed to the development of several technical, business and financial plans as well as the management of start-ups.


Since 2014 Ms. Villeneuve has been a certified consultant with Deloitte, where she leads projects in strategic planning, commercialisation and innovation.


Other Professional Work

Ms. Villeneuve is a volunteer committed to the development of the environmental industry. For the past 20 years, she has been a member of Réseau Environnement, which is the biggest association of environmental professionals in Quebec. She was Director of Technical Committees, Vice-President of the Residual Materials Sector, and most recently took the position of President of the Montreal Regional committee. The Committee’s mandate is to offer learning and networking opportunities through visits of industrial environmental facilities.

Ms. Villeneuve sits of the Board of Directors for Réseau Environnement and of EnviroCompétences.

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