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Marie-Caroline Bourg

Eng., M.Sc.

Incentive tariff (Pay-as-you-throw) ∎ Smart collection of waste ∎ Costing of waste collection ∎ Feasibility studies for the recycling industry ∎Selective collection of recycling ∎ Recycling of electronics ∎ Recycling of dry materials – Extended producer responsibility (EPR) ∎ Funding applications ∎ Regulatory conformity (authorisation certifications) ∎ Environmental performance ∎ Development of circular economy solutions

Marie-Caroline Bourg is a Materials Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in chemistry as well as an environmental audit certificate. She worked for six years in material failure and chemical expertise. She has worked in the field of waste management and recycling since 2010, where she supports recycling industries in environmental management and the development of recycling solutions.

As the instigator of the first incentive tariff system with a smart collection in Canada, she has supported over a dozen municipalities in the evaluation or set-up of smart collection technologies for waste in order to optimise costs and environmental performance. She is always on the lookout for American and European suppliers, in order to make the best solutions accessible to Canadian municipalities. 

She is also dedicated to the development of economic incentives for the reduction of waste and the reuse of recycled materials within the circular economy.

Other Professional Work

Marie-Caroline Bourg is the Vice President of the waste materials sector of Réseau Environnement, which is the biggest group of environmental professionals in Quebec. She also sits on the board of this organisation. In addition, she is a member of the Quebec division of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

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