The power of good advice


If you are a municipal client

Always on the lookout for best practices and new technologies, EnviroRcube accompanies municipalities in their decision-making by providing a rigorous analysis of the financial, environmental and social impacts of proposed solutions.

  • Analysis of technical solutions for the treatment of waste (solids and liquids)
  • Incentive tariff for waste – feasibility study, pilot project and implementation of ‘’user pay’’ systems
  • Drafting technical specifications for smart collection
  • Optimisation of waste management costs/treatment and collection scenarios
  • Analysis of technical, environmental and economic feasibility (including life cycle analyses)
  • Drafting funding applications
  • Preparing Authorization Certificate applications

Did you know?

A smart collection with an incentive tariff allows clients to save up to 25% of costs, reduce 50% of waste and increase participation in recycling.

Contact us to implement a pilot project, calculate a return on investment, implement a smart collection with or without a tariff incentive, establish a tariff grid or receive an estimate.

The commercialisation of environmental innovations (clean technologies) is one of the main challenges for green businesses in Québec.

Contact us for accompaniment in your transition from R&D to market.  

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